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We're looking for an energetic, knowledgable and enthusiastic Sports Therapist to take up residence in our 'Treatment Loft' at Hopwood Fight Centre to offer sports massage, therapy and injury rehab.
If you know anyone who might be interested, please ask them to email sharon@hopwooduk.com

Thank you.
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On this day in boxing history:
18th June 1941
Joe Louis stopped Billy Conn in the 13th round.
Conn had rocked 'the brown bomber' with some big left hooks and was full of confidence looking for a finish...
Louis caught him with a powerful straight right hand, followed up by a barrage of blows sending Conn to the canvas and the fight to be stopped.
This led to Billy Conn's famous quote:
I thought I had him and I couldn't do anything else but go after him. Then it happened. What's the point of being Irish if you can't be dumb!"
Joe Louis regarded this to be the toughest of his reign as Heavyweight Champion.
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Busy old fashioned ‘mash it up’ Monday!
Lots of 1to1’s, bag work, boxing and self defence...
and even a little bit of aikido with Martin thrown in for good measure.
Fantastic buzz around the place with an exciting second half of 2019 to look forward to.
Still more sessions to come this evening too - keeps an old boy fit though!!