Private MMA Boxing Training Redditch Bromsgrove

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any martial arts/boxing experience, will I be ok in a class?2019-02-12T13:24:06+00:00

Our team of instructors are used to looking after groups of all levels and will ensure that the exercise is safe and relevant for all that take part in any training session at any level of experience.

Do I need to be fit to join?2019-02-12T13:23:37+00:00

No, our instructors are all fully experienced and allow everyone to work to their own level of fitness and ability. Rest assured that you’ll be looked after and encouraged to work at a rate that suits your needs.

What do I need to bring with me?2019-02-12T13:23:06+00:00

Just come along in comfortable training clothes, bring a bottle of water and a towel (as you’ll probably get hot & sweaty) and a clean pair of indoor training shoes for boxing sessions.

Do I have to book for a class?2019-02-12T13:22:12+00:00

No, just turn up a few minutes early for your first session as there’s a bit of paperwork to fill in (Under 18’s will need a parent/guardian).

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