Our Children’s Classes for age 7-14 years, are built on great fundamentals to advance technical ability and are constantly reviewed to ensure continuous improvement.

Benefits for our Junior Members include the following:

Promote self-discipline and the understanding of why this is important

Develop resilience and improve mental and physical toughness

Learn to work with others and be part of a tight-knit team

Develop a healthy respect for themselves and for others

Develop anti- bullying skills, so they can defend themselves in a real and practical way

Create a healthy mind & body

High Expectations:

Our highly experienced coaching staff are dedicated to bringing out the best in our Junior Members – and your children will receive nothing less than the best we can offer.

No Progress Without Discipline:

We understand how our young members think, operate, and behave. We have many methods of helping to keep them on track, but persistent failure to follow instructions could lead to their removal from our program as safety for all is our highest concern.

Let the Coaches Coach:

Parents & guardians must understand that during the classes, the coaches are in charge and that they should not interfere with the smooth running of any class, or they may be asked to leave. Safeguarding of our junior members is of paramount important to us.

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