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We can help you with your goals: Learn self-defence, improve your combat skills, become a champion, or improve your health through great nutrition. Whatever you’re looking to do, we can help you to get fighting fit and stay healthy!

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What our clients say

“I have not felt back pain since joining”

After getting nowhere at a regular gym due to lack of self motivation over a number of years, it has been a life changing experience finding the Hopwood Combat System.

Not only has it dramatically increased my fitness, but it has also taught me very useful self-defence skills. Additionally, having suffered from reoccurring lower back pains for many years, the core strength techniques have meant that I have not felt the back pain since joining.



“My fitness has dramatically improved”

I started training with the Hopwoods with the intent to get fit, lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle; but the style of the training offers so more than that.

Over the last 18 months my fitness has dramatically improved, my body shape has changed dramatically and my cardiovascular system is better than ever!



“Great for toning muscles without building bulk”

I really look forward to my weekly one to one personal training sessions with Sharon – every week we do something different.

Combining combat training with the workout has really helped increase my fitness level, and its great for toning muscles without building bulk.



“At the cutting edge of development”

Andy Hopwood has created a syllabus which is both practical and relatively easy to learn. His deep understanding of how to turn an attacker into an unsuccessful assailant is at the cutting edge of development.

The structure of the system is second to none, so if you are looking to stay safe, give the Hopwood’s a call. It may just be the best call you ever made!

Combat Magazine

“A breath of fresh air”

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to join a martial arts class and achieve black belt status but was always put off by the macho attitudes of some schools and the thought of having to learn Chinese names of the different moves. There’s none of that at the Hopwood Free Fighting Academy – it is a breath of fresh air.

There’s no intimidation, no elitism, and all are welcome. I never imagined that I would stay the distance – in the past I’d had knee-trouble, back-trouble, wasn’t fit enough etc. The carefully designed exercises and circuits taught at the Academy ensure that your core strength is developed without overloading joints or straining muscles.

When you join you will get all of the fitness benefits, self-confidence and self-defence skills but you are also becoming part of a big family and you will make many new good friends.



“Your breakaway techniques are the best I’ve seen”

Thanks for the excellent training, it is realistic and the methods pertinent to today’s situations. I have been taught and practised various forms of self defence over the last 25 years, your breakaway techniques are the best I’ve seen and I liked the use of vocalisation strategies to disarm or distract the opponent.

I am an operational uniformed police officer and the annual Home Office approved defensive tactics package is woefully inadequate for today’s society. My feelings are those of many officers that I work with. Our emphasis is on restraining, yet for many we come up against, it is street fighting skills and practise that is required.

Thanks again for the quality and realistic training.

UK Serving Police Officer

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Get fitter than you’ve ever been

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