Fight Sport Academy Programme

In 2021 Hopwood Fight Centre will launch its official industry programme for 16-19 year olds, designed to create the next generation of industry leaders.

The unique two-year course will provide students with the opportunity to combine academic studies with a full-time MMA or Boxing training schedule, progressing them into four exciting industry pathways: Professional Athlete, University, Coaching and Industry Specific Roles (ie. judge, referee, media etc).

The Sixth Form style course will launch in September 2021 for students based in the Worcestershire and West Midlands areas.

Fight Sports Academy Bromsgrove, West Midlands

The programme will be designed so that graduates will:

  • Study a BTEC in sport and gain UCAS points for University progression
  • Gain professional coaching & recognised industry related qualifications
  • Develop a unique CV in the world’s fastest growing sport
  • Opportunities to compete in elite national and international fight events
  • Gain real life coaching experience in a diverse array of settings which include children, novice & performance fight sports
  • Gain important industry knowledge through bespoke work experience opportunities
  • Develop a comprehensive professional Industry network
  • Hone vital entrepreneurial skills developing and running your own projects
  • Exciting domestic & international enrichment opportunities

Students will train and do most of their coaching at Hopwood Fight Centre (HFC), but all education will be hosted by the partnered registered training centre.

Each student will access a full-time training programme, while a typical day will consist of:

  • Training every morning (at HFC)
  • Studies in the afternoon at affiliate training facility
  • Coaching in the evening (at HFC)
  • Second training session (at HFC)

The Programme will be open to any budding fight sport athletes in the catchment area that are looking to progress in their chosen sport while still furthering their education.

This will be no ordinary further education programme.

The whole focus will be to help the talented young combat athletes to become the very best that they can be and make the most of their abilities.

We will not be working regular college hours and we will be encouraging students to attend additional sessions and events throughout the programme; this is necessary to make the required progress and gain maximum benefit for the individual athletes.

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