Sports Nutrition

There’s no getting away from it, good nutrition is an important element of any sport or fitness programme.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or you just enjoy regular workouts, what you eat and when you eat it are important considerations when it comes to sports performance.

If you wish to get the most out of your training and guarantee continuous improvement, a healthy and well-planned diet will assist you in training hard, recovering well and performing at your best. It will help you train with greater levels of energy, increase your strength and stamina and enable faster recovery between workouts.

Fuelling your body correctly not only ensures that you perform well, but it also aids in preventing injuries and recovery from hard training sessions. There is no magic food or shortcut which is going to provide the body with all of the vitamins and minerals it needs, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet which incorporates a variety of food groups and nutrients.

If you are going to put the time and effort into your training sessions then sound nutritional advice is essential to help you achieve your goals.

So, whether your aim is to train harder, run faster, lose weight, build muscle, tone-up, increase energy levels or just simply feel better in yourself – then good nutrition could be the key!
Sharon Hopwood on Nutrition

What Our Clients Say

Having received excellent nutritional advice from Sharon in the past I was interested to try the aloe vera products. I have noticed improved energy levels and and a huge improvement in my digestive system. Quite simply the products work and come with a money back guarantee!
Kash Singh, Bromsgrove