Elite Sports Performance Specialists

Since opening our doors in 2003, Hopwood’s elite Sports Performance Instructors have helped thousands of athletes reach their full athletic potential.

Combining revolutionary techniques with old-fashioned hard work and sweat, the staff at Hopwood can help any athlete maximise their potential.

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Athlete Performance Optimisation

In today’s world of competitive sports, athletes need to jump higher, run faster, hit harder and be more aggressive than their opponents.

Hopwood elite Sports Performance specialists provide complex training programmes that target the critical components to athletic success:

  • strength
  • speed
  • agility
  • power, and
  • flexibility

If you are an athlete who strives for an edge both physically and mentally, our Elite Sports Performance specialists will take you to the next level.

Our unique and exclusive training programmes can help you become stronger, faster, leaner and better than ever before! We’ve already helped…

  • Tennis players serve faster
  • Athletes throw further, run faster and jump higher
  • Rugby players tackle harder
  • Racing drivers go faster
  • Cricketers hit the ball harder or bowl quicker
  • And many more!

Between them, Andy and Sharon Hopwood have over 50 years experience in the fitness industry, so they truly realise that reaching peak fitness levels requires more than merely exercise alone.

The HOPWOOD TEAM is totally dedicated to helping each individual to attain complete satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t go near this place... Unless you want to improve your fitness, flexibility, well being, confidence in pressure situations, and generally have a good time!
Matt Neal, 3x BTCC Race Champion

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