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The HOPWOOD Fighting Fit System™ is designed to give you all the benefits of martial arts training without having to take part in physical combat – this is a unique private training package designed with you in mind every step of the way.

Whether you are looking to improve your existing level of fitness or dramatically change your current lifestyle, the HOPWOOD Fighting Fit Team will help you to achieve your goals.

When it comes to personal fitness we help so many people, from every walk of life, to get the results they never thought possible. We work with all levels of experience – from Premier League Footballers and elite athletes through to complete novices.

Knowing that elite athletes, celebrities and some of the UK’s leading business people choose to join our client list may be all the encouragement you need to get started on your own personal training program!

The HOPWOOD Fighting Fit System™ uses only natural movements that reduce impact to joints and maximises your physical capacity whilst minimising the risk of injury. Our methods are fully bio-mechanically researched by some of the world’s leading anatomical experts.

WE PROMISE you will not need to use or put up with any fancy gimmicks and latest fads and you certainly won’t have to put up with the usual macho attitudes or cliquey coffee mornings. In fact, we pride ourselves on treating everyone as equal so that everybody can turn their fitness aspirations into reality.

What Our Clients Say

After getting nowhere at a regular gym due to lack of self motivation over a number of years, it has been a life changing experience finding the Hopwood Combat System. Not only has it dramatically increased my fitness, but it has also taught me very useful self-defence skills. Additionally, having suffered from reoccurring lower back pains for many years, the core strength techniques have meant that I have not felt the back pain since joining.
Paul, Warwickshire

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