Combat Training

With over 30 years award-winning martial arts experience under his belt and several years as a special forces instructor, Andy Hopwood is the UK’s leading combat expert.

Andy Hopwood - Comat Expert

He is renowned for developing his self defence system, The HOPWOOD Free Fighting Academy™.

This system specialises in teaching simple, practical techniques that are effective in today’s society – regardless of experience, size or strength.

Andy founded the system in 1995 and the Academy has since gone from strength to strength. Having been based in an established HQ in Worcestershire for 10 years, this explosive and practical training programme is now a large part of the community.

Our team of highly qualified instructors cater for all levels of fitness and experience. Everyone is treated as an equal, we don’t do ego at our sessions and everybody is made to feel welcome.

The training is structured and will teach you relevant skills from beginner level all the way through to the coveted Black Belt – by training either privately or by joining in with our martial arts classes.

What Our Clients Say

Andy Hopwood has created a syllabus which is both practical and relatively easy to learn. His deep understanding of how to turn an attacker into an unsuccessful assailant is at the cutting edge of development. The structure of the system is second to none, so if you are looking to stay safe, give the Hopwood's a call. It may just be the best call you ever made!
Combat Magazine,