Mixed Emotions & Rave Reviews

After visiting the bank yesterday I was stopped on my local High Street by a lady named Liz who told me that she had recently read my book and that she just wanted to let me know that she’d found it to be a ‘real page-turner’ and the story had ‘moved her to tears’ at several points.

As I free-wheel towards my 50th birthday, I find myself looking back on times gone by more & more and those military days remembered in ‘It’s Only Pain’ can feel like a different life altogether on occasion. On other days however, the mixed emotions and camaraderie feel like it was like yesterday!

They were the most exhilarating, harrowing, happy, petrifying, beguiling and adrenaline pumped days of my life. I am very glad to have been able to be part of those times in Africa, incredibly sad to have lost so many close friends and extremely grateful for the fact that I survived to tell the tale.

I am beginning to get used to male readers enjoying the action and adventure in the book, but, I am still surprised by ladies like Liz being interested in the human, emotional side of my story. I am also still astonished when the book receives rave reviews in the national media like this one:

“Andy Hopwood’s raw, visceral and yet touchingly human account of his journey from karate kid to cold blooded killer makes for compelling reading. His insight into the murky world of how he became a mercenary and the chilling toll that it took on both him and his companions, shines a light on a shadowy side of human nature that has rarely been better illuminated.”

– The Mail on Sunday


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