Pre-Emptive Strikes

The Legal Situation: “if the antagonist is aggressive and moving towards you, and you fear for your safety, you can legally strike the first blow in self defence!”

The power of Movement

The average street attacker (if there is such an animal) will always be looking for a “victim”, expecting them to be of a defensive disposition and therefore expecting them to move in a backwards motion. Continue reading

Answers To The Top 3 Self Defence Questions

Here are some typical everyday questions that our Instructors are asked…

Q: What are the main things to remember for effective self protection?

A: Well, the first thing I always mention is to remember that the best form of self defence is being somewhere else!

  • If you can walk away – Walk
  • If you can talk your way out – Talk
  • If you can run away – Run

But if the situation becomes violent, you must deal with it – quickly and clinically.

Self Defence Continue reading